This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Full-scale revival of philanthropic traditions in museology

Museology in Ukraine originated and developed in the XIX century thanks to Ukrainian philanthropists. The Khanenkos, the Tereshchenkos, the Halahans, the Tarnovskyis and the Lyzohubs were investing in the development of culture, education and science. They were both improving their businesses and upkeeping schools and orphanages for their own account, awarding scholarships to researchers and investing in artistic and historical collections. Afterwards,  these became the base of the biggest museums in modern Ukraine. Despite decades of oblivion and negation of their names by the Communist regime, Ukrainian philanthropists’ contribution is indisputable and esteemed properly.

In the XXI century too, the world culture is evolving thanks to leaders backing artists and museums with donations and setting up charitable foundations. For instance, just within some years the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in USA collected USD 450 million through a fundraising campaign for building a recreation zone; the plaza in front of the Metropolitan Museum in New York will always bear the name of David H. Koch who contributed USD 65 million to the museum; and those who care for the ancient world culture have already collected USD 150 million for construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

It is planned to raise over USD 60 million for construction of the Holodomor Museum which is to have educational, applied, research, commemorative and artistic functions. This is contingent upon strong partnership between the State of Ukraine, which finances erection of the museum building, and benefactors, whose contributions shall be earmarked for creation and realisation of the exposition.

At the same time as the International Foundation for the Development of the Holodomor Victims’ Memorial was established, a fundraising campaign for the Holodomor Museum started. Full-scale revival of philanthropic traditions in museology is on the agenda.

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