This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Holodomor Museum: about the past for the sake of the future

Join in the making of modern history and contribute to the development of Ukraine’s culture

About the Project

Phase II construction of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum started in 2017 and is to be completed in 2023.


The National Holodomor Museum will be a living memorial to Holodomor victims and a research centre, which will inspire Ukrainians and all other international communities and their leaders to fight for freedom, dignity and human rights in the world, and to oppose intolerance, hate, crimes against humanity and genocide.



To be a partner of the state for the implementation of the Project of creating the world’s first modern museum complex in memory of the Holodomor victims, in particular, its main exposition according to the highest world standards.


The first to join in the common cause of creating the Holodomor Museum were:


As of February 2021, Osnova LLC, the main contractor for the project construction, is carrying out civil works on construction Phases I and II, taking into account complementary design solutions. In particular, builders are erecting terrace supports and bearing walls of reinforced concrete in the future Museum administrative premises in the II floor of the building, and will soon begin fitting out the intermediate slab between the II and III floors.

Subject to Project funding secured in 2021 (as provided for in the Classification of Expenditures and Lending to Local Budgets 3801280 ‘Construction of cultural facilities of national significance’ for 2021), builders will complete the reinforced concrete Museum framework; build a 160 m alley foot bridge with two staircase and lift sections; construct a car park in Dniprovskyi Descent; start installation of permanent MEPs and on-site utilities; external and internal finishing works will continue.

The development of the exhibit design is in the pipeline.


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