This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Positive assessment by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre


The architectural design of the museum building as part of phase II of the construction of the Memorial to Holodomor Victims in Ukraine was developed by the Ukrainian studio Project Systems LTD with co-authorship of the Polish studio Nizio Design International. In 2017, at the basic design stage it received a positive assessment from the advisory body of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Architectural design of the Holodomor Museum

Central architectural solution

The central architectural solution is to place the Museum building on a complex terrain and integrate it into the Dnipro slopes’ landscape. This solution is a seamless continuation of phase I and it forms a complete architectural ensemble of the entire complex.

The unique Museum building is the image of Truth about the Holodomor, which is breaking the roof to come out to light from under the ground after decades of its concealment and suppression. The roof arrangement symbolises displacement of lumps of ploughed earth and embodies actions of thousands of people whose toil resulted in the disclosure of the forbidden verity.

Unique museum building

The Museum building is located on an imaginary axis connecting the Candle of Memory monument with the observation deck behind Dniprovskyi Descent. This technique incites contemplation and is a symbolic reconciliation of the past and the future.

The Museum building, which is to house the exhibit, will have entrances from both ends: from the Candle of Memory and from the observation deck, via the bridge.

The monumental entrance from the side of  Candle of Memory symbolises an open gate to the vault concealing the truth. One can learn it through studying the permanent exhibit located in the Museum building.

There is a ceremony square in front of the entrance to the Museum building.

Exposition concept Project progress


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