This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Project implementation stages

Public funds

Non-public funds

First philanthropic assistance for creation of the Museum, totalling UAH 11 648 428, has been already received from 22 entities and persons.


The charity funds have been transferred to pay for three contracts concluded with the architect firm Nizio Design International to optimise the architectural design, UAH 5,680,034:

Contract No.1 dated 5 February 2018: UAH 524,373.63. Analysis of the existing architectural design and submission of optimisation proposals.

Contract No.2 dated 19 May 2018: UAH 3,258,188.91. Development of the functional zoning scheme, matching areas to the distribution by the building levels and functions, pre-visualisation of the building, initial architectural solutions for the façades, entrances and entrance zones and the concept of the permanent exhibit solutions.

Contract No.3 dated 1 October 2018: UAH 1,897,471.49. Analysis of the design solutions developed by the General Designer, refinement of functional solutions and production of drawings for options of the main details of the building. These are: entrance squares, floors, ceilings, walls, façade and lighting solutions and structural systems for levels I and II.


Scope of work on the construction site per month

Project readiness condition

As of January 2020, preparatory work has been completed. In particular, earthworks were carried out, retaining walls were built to strengthen the slope, a temporary electricity and water supply networks, and transformer substation were installed, systems for monitoring the condition of the slope were arranged and a temporary access road was built to connect the construction site with Dniprovskiy Uzviz Str.

Currently the works on barrettes are completed; the construction of a technical corridor and an inclined lift’s shaft from the Memory Hall to the future Museum building is ongoing. The architectural design has been approved and a construction expert’s assessment thereof obtained. A contract for developing construction design documents for the museum construction has been concluded with the general designer Project Systems LTD. A contract for construction of the museum and a pedestrian bridge across Dniprovskyi Uzviz has been concluded with the general contractor Osnova Group of Construction Companies.

The construction of the museum building has begun.

The development of the exhibit design is in the pipeline


Exposition concept More on Project progress


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