This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide is the world’s center for research and coverage of the genocide of Ukrainians topic.

The museum teaches against hate and human rights abuses, warns the public about the crime of genocide through the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge about the Holodomor. The museum acts as a mediator in the process of sharing memories and information about the Holodomor, demonstrating the connection of generations of the Ukrainian nation.

The basis of the Museum activity includes:

  • organization of the research of historical sources about events of that time to reveal documentary evidence about Holodomor and creating conditions to introduce them in scientific circulation;
  • composing the consolidated register of documentary evidence, creating databases and arranging the testimonies of the Holodomor witnesses;
  • conducting of scientific conferences, forums, workshops, podium discussions, seminars, round tables etc., informing the public about the crime of genocide, committed by communist
  • authorities against the Ukrainian people, through lectures, lessons, multimedia lectures, film screenings related to the Holodomor;
  • organization of events to perpetuate the Holodomor victims’ memory;
  • development and organization of other museum communication forms through expositions and exhibitions with implementation of information technologies;
  • creating of permanent expositions and exhibitions.

A branch of the Holodomor Museum is the Institute for Holodomor Studies, whose main tasks are to carry out scientific research on the history of the Holodomor of 1932–1933 – the genocide of the Ukrainian nation: its preconditions, causes, acts, political and legal aspects of its organization, socio-demographic consequences, and its committed also from the history of the mass artificial famines of 1921-1923 and 1946-1947.


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Olesia Stasiuk

ethnologist, PhD in history, Holodomor researcher, honored cultural worker of Ukraine. An active public figure, editor and author of specialized publications.


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