This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

On 23 December 2021, General Meeting of Holodomor Museum International Fund members appointed an Acting Director of the Fund. On 25 December 2021, Tetiana Lyshnevets is stepping into the position.

From the very establishment of the Holodomor Museum Fund, its Executive Director was Lesia Hasydzhak. Under her leadership, the Fund started vigorous activity: a documentary base for institutional support was built, the Fund team formed, programme activities launched, and a benefactor community was united and keeps growing day by day thanks to the fundraising campaign Road to Truth. Also a great achievement is that the crowdfunding platform Grains of Truth was set up and running and the National Book of Remembrance digitised.

Full report on the Fund’s performance from 2018 and into 2021 is available at:

“We did not notice how three years has passed since the formal establishment of the International Charitable Fund of the Holodomor Museum. They were hard but undoubtedly fundamental and fruitful to form and elaborate principles of our work. Despite the political challenges and the economic crisis, brought about by COVID-19, we managed to form the basis of the executive team and involve professionals, whom we are willing to continue what we have started with,” shares Lesia Hasydzhak.

From now on, the Fund’s executive team will be led by Tetiana Lyshnevets.

The newly appointed Acting Director has many years of experience in managing cultural projects and development programmes, including international ones. In the past she was in charge of the Project Department at the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. She also has experience in the public sector, local government and cooperation with central authorities.

“I feel united with the Fund’s mission not only at the professional but also at the personal level. For me, the project to create Phase II of the Holodomor Museum and its main exhibition is a challenge. My core working principle is courage: I am ready to go hand in hand with like-minded people and take new bold moves so that in 2023 the impressive Phase II of the Holodomor Museum open its doors to visitors,” — Tetiana Lyshnevets commented on her appointment.

The Holodomor Museum Fund founders, the Supervisory Board, the Board and the team sincerely express their warmest words of gratitude to Lesia Hasydzhak for her incredible devotion and unwavering faith in the Project success!

Thanks to Ms Lesia’s professionalism, the Fund demonstrated efficiency over three years. But no less important is the fact that this work was and remains substantial for all involved, the work one would want to put their craft, knowledge and ideas into.


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