This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Thirty years of Ukraine’s Independence is a unique historical period given the incredible civilizational changes we witnessed at the turn of the 20th and 21st century in the development of democracy, the establishment of our clear value system, and building a qualitatively new ecosystem of interaction between people. And it was this period in our history when the Ukrainian people finally gained their statehood. They defended their statehood. They kept shaping their statehood.

We, the citizens of Ukraine, face many important tasks that will directly affect the strengthening of Ukrainian statehood and its borders – physical, cultural, economic. And the experience of mutual support, mutual respect, and joint actions is our inexhaustible resource.

We are grateful to everyone who has joined our efforts in Creating the Holodomor Museum’s Main Exhibition over the recent years and has been helping us with charitable contributions, advocacy, and informational support. The establishment of this museum complex is undoubtedly a conscious need of Ukraine, the strong state already formed. At a time of change, rethinking their historical past and its traumas, Ukrainians are once again sharing their experience with the world and are once again putting issues of humanistic values – such as human dignity, affirmation of individual freedom, and prevention of genocide – on the global agenda.


Happy 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence!

Ivan Vasiunyk,
Head of the Supervisory Board,
Holodomor Museum Foundation


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