This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

Between February 2018 and April 2019, philanthropic assistance totalling UAH 6,169,923 (EUR 205,600) from 19 entities and persons was received for the project implementation.

The provided funds have been applied to pay for three contracts with Nizio Design International for a total of UAH 5,680,034 (EUR 189,000).

Subject of Contract No.1 was analysis of the existing architectural design and subject of Contract No.2 was development of the functional zoning scheme, matching areas to the distribution by the building levels and functions, pre-visualisation of the building, initial architectural solutions for the façades, entrances and entrance zones and also a concept of the permanent exhibit solutions. Contract No.3 covered refinement of functional solutions and production of drawings for options of the main details of the building: entrance squares, floors, ceilings, walls, façade and lighting solutions and structural systems for two levels.

Cooperation with the World Ukrainian Congress is carried on to create the Museum and to plan an international fundraising campaign to create the Museum exhibit.

It is planned to raise approximately USD 50 million in private and corporate donations to create the Museum exhibit. The fundraising strategy implies developing a website for the project, carrying out a study of the needs and capabilities of the fundraising campaign in Ukraine and abroad, devising an incentive and privilege system for the benefactors, meeting with the benefactors, organising and conducting charity events, reporting to the benefactors, etc.


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