This website tells about phase II of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum construction project

In February 2020, the first and one of the most difficult stages of the museum’s construction was completed – the Dnipro slope was strengthened.

To prevent landslides, the Dnieper slope was strengthened by piles, retaining walls were constructed, and groundwater was streamlined through an extensive drainage system.

Photo: The Group of Construction Companies Osnova 


Work has already begun on the erection of the ground part of the museum complex. In particular, work is underway to build a pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is designed by the joint efforts of domestic design organizations according to the architectural idea of ​​the authoring team of the general designer – Project Systems LTD, under his coordination and management. The flight structures of the pedestrian bridge are made at the steelworks factory – LLC Steeltech.
The general contractor is responsible for the production of bridge spans Group of Construction Companies Osnova.


Photo: Andrii Zamohylnyi, Director of the Directorate for Phase II Construction of the National Holodomor-Genocide Museum


What will the future bridge be like?

The 155.6 meters long pedestrian bridge will look like a pedestrian walkway that will connect the terrace of the museum building on the 3rd floor level with the parking area. The bridge is part of an imaginary axis that connects the Candle of Memory monument and the observation deck, located along the Dnipro Descent, on which the Museum building will be located. This technique is intended to encourage visitors to reflect on the road to the exhibition and is a symbolic combination of meeting the past and the future.



On the bridge, pedestrian benches and local viewing areas will be located along the pedestrian traffic. There will also be another viewing terrace from the parking area from which a picturesque panorama of the Dnieper and its left bank will be opened. Along the pedestrian alley will grow boxwood bushes, behind which will be a decorative fence.
The entrance to the bridge from the Dniprovsky descent will be decorated by the sculptural composition Angels, similar to those located at the upper entrance to the Memorial, on the side of Lavrska Street.

Disabled people will also be able to get to the pedestrian bridge with two elevators located on both sides of the Dnipro Descent. The bridge will run over the Dnipro Descent at a height of 6 meters.


The bridge is being worked on:
Design solutions. Kyivstroyproekt. Director S.V. Nikolaev and chief engineers of the project Korniev and S.L. Ditkovsky;
Architectural illumination of the bridge, pedestrian walkway lighting.  Energosystems;
Landscaping of the pedestrian alley. ZinCo Ukraine;
Exterior, pedestrian walkway decoration. General Designer of Project Systems LTD. Director Markov I.M., project director Mirgorodsky A.S., Chief project architect Ivan Loshak, Chief project engineer S.O. Zverhovsky.


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